Solar Parts for Sale to Build Your Own System

We can sell a kit of all the solar specific parts that you need to successfully install a PV system. This can be a microFIT, net metering or off-grid system. In order to give an accurate price and supply a complete parts list we highly recommend our paid assessment. The fee for the site assessment also includes a panel placement plan for your installation if it is roof mounted. When we do this we glean additional information about your site so that we are much better prepared to help plan your system and to assist you by answering questions during the installation.

When you can't arrange for us to do a site assessment, then we will send you a form to fill in to give us the details we need to correctly work out the parts that you will need and then we will design the racking plan for your system. Without detailed information, we can't give a comprehensive quote, and the resulting kit may not have all of the parts that you need.

We have supplied complete kit of parts for installations and guided the purchaser through the installation steps for customers that were too far away for us to travel to the site to provide in person consulting. The entire kit was shipped to the site, and we supported the owner using telephone consultations, emails and sending photographs.

Other companies may be interested in selling you panels, but probably won't be bothered to design the optimum panel layout, plan the racking configuration and determine the total number of each item that you will require, and help you with plans meeting the requirements for municipal permits. There may be a number of items that you would not know that you would need.

When we know you are doing a FIT or microFIT project, and by default we supply only parts that will enable you to exceed the 60% Ontario content requirement of earlier FIT 2.0 rules. When we know the parts are for off-grid systems we can access a wider variety of panels and other components to achieve a lower parts cost.

Parts and the layout for an asphalt shingle roof are the easiest to calculate. Any other type of roofing, such as metal roofing requires a lot of detail to pick an appropriate anchoring and flashing system. We also need to know the structure of the roof and the rafter/truss pitch to correctly plan the number of attachment points required.

Local Parts Shopping List

With a comprehensive quote, we can also supply you an interactive worksheet to determine the number and cost of other parts, permits and other expenses you will encounter. The parts can be bought from local building supply stores and from electrical suppliers, and the worksheet identifies what could be supplied by an electrician if you engaged them to do the meter base replacement and home run wiring.

With both of these in hand, you can determine the total cost of the project.

We can supply:

We have access to different brands of all of these components.

We are modest with our markup and so provide attractive pricing for our DIY customers.