Here are the recommended steps for a DIY grid tied installation!

For net metering, just omit each step in italics that mentions OPA or microFIT.


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DIY (Do it Yourself) electrical wiring of a Photovoltaic system is permitted, and the ESA has no objection to the homeowner doing 100% of the work themselves, as long as they possess the appropriate skills. They also support homeowners that wish to do the majority of the work, and hire out tasks that they are not comfortable doing, frequently this involves contracting the AC wiring to an electrician. You may also wish to hire or otherwise obtain assistance when bolting on panels on a steep roof, and obtain fall prevention harnesses. By doing it totally DIY you may save up to 30 to 40% of the cost of the project.

We offer our consulting service to homeowners that wish to have a DIY installation that will complement your skills, and enable you to undertake this project. We can do any or all of the following items: