Services to assist you harness Solar Energy for Electricity Generation or Hot Water Heating

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Off-Grid Projects

We can handle every aspect of an off-grid project.

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FIT Systems (PV over 10 kW)

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Site Survey Details

This is the most important first step. Our results will answer the following questions:

In addition:

A key part of our visit is to use our Solar Pathfinder to measure the shade that occurs, considering the path of the sun for all hours and for each month of the year. This allows us to determine how much less than the ideal amount would be generated due to the shading. Using it we can also show you which objects are causing shading.

Note: we do not charge a fee for a site assessment for Enersol Pool heating applications.

If you need help completing the OPA and your local Hydro's applications, we can do this for you for an extra fee for our time.