FIT Projects

These are projects greater than 10 kW nameplate capacity.

The application process is more complex than microFIT, and takes considerably longer.

Solar PV Price for PV FIT
Rooftop ≤ 100 kW 34.5
Rooftop > 100 ≤ 500 kW 32.9
Ground Mounted ≤ 500 kW 28.8

The FIT program also permits leasing your land or rooftop to others to install PV systems. This is no longer permitted for microFIT projects. FIT programs are the only way to participate by leasing.

There are many reasons to participate. The vast majority of FIT projects are on commercial rooftops, over 90% of approved applications according to OPA figures for 2011. However most people think of large scale solar farms with ground mounted panels when they picture a FIT installation. There are a number of reasons that the majority of FIT applications are for rooftop installations:

These all can be summarized that rooftop PV costs less to install, is approved quicker and omits the overhead of impact assessment studies and their attendant costs.

The time frame from initial application to project completion is many times longer than microFIT, and this is due mostly to the application and paperwork side, not due to construction speeds.

Methods to make money under the FIT program.

Just as the rooftop is more attractive for the owner, it also is understandable that the majority of companies that wish to lease space for PV or offer lease to own projects are interested in rooftop installations and not in ground mounted systems.

As outlined on our services page, we can provide consulting services to get you started with a FIT installation. We start with a site analysis and assess the feasibility of your site. Then we explain the FIT process, and that steps that you will be required to take that are specific to your site. Later on we can consult in the design of the installation and with sourcing the solar equipment. We can also help you select a developer, (a company that builds the system to your specification) so you are ready to start work once approval have been granted) or to hire or train in-house staff to implement the project.

A lot more information about FIT can be found on the OPA website for FIT.