Does My Site Qualify?

The microFIT Program Overview document has the detailed rules. The most important ones are:

The FIT program is for systems over 10kW nameplate capacity. The differences are:

The details of this program are found online in the FIT Program Overview document.

What type of site do I need?

  • Solar panels can be mounted on the roof of your home, or other building if it faces south and has an appropriate slope
  • Solar panels can be pole mounted
  • Solar panels can be ground mounted, on a dedicated frame
For each of these, you need a south facing site with little or no shade to be economically viable. If you don't have enough sunshine, you may never get a reasonable return on your investment. The right location is critical to success, and so is the right configuration for the site. Shading of the panels has a very significant impact on the output of your system. Unless you are in the middle of a 25 acre field with no trees or other buildings, you should have a shade analysis done.